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2nd International Conference ComSymbol on

Public Sphere and Communicating Faith


Paul Valéry University of Montpellier 3
Centre du Guesclin de Béziers,
July 2-3, 2014, Béziers, France

Scientific organizer

Prof. dr. dr. Stefan BRATOSIN, Paul Valéry University of Montpellier 3

The society and religious practices go now through profound transformations in which new contexts firmly call into question familiar models. Religious, economic, social, political, scientific, and so on, actors unavoidably have to take into account the creativity and inventiveness that take place concerning communicating of faith and raise many questions about how institutions and organizations function. This conference is intended to identify the current major problems that involve the communicating of faith and secondly, to bring together the answers offered by the scholars who are interested in this subject, regardless of their discipline and approach. As a suggestion – but without setting up some limitations – of special interest would be proposals on themes such as:

– Traditional practices for communicating faith
– Communicating faith in a secular society
– Mass media, new media, new technologies, and communicating of faith
– Communicating of faith and religious and/or social pluralism
– Communicating faith in the context of increasing assertiveness of independence and distrust of institutions
– The means used to facilitate the religious culture and/or the relationship between faith and culture
– Communicating of faith as patrimony and the patrimony of communicating faith
– The academic framework and the religious values as well as their practice
– Communicating of faith and individual freedom
– The laity and clergy concerns for awakening, initiation, and nurturing of faith
– Communicating of faith in a form to meet the needs of youth, their culture, and their world
– Communicating of faith and violence
– Communicating of faith and food, dress, vacations, entertainment, sport, holydays, and so on

The proposals submitted are expected to emphasize the experience of communicating faith within divers structures and religious and lay organizations of the society; to identify new ways of communicating faith and the role they could play in different kinds of communities; to investigate the role of communicating faith in the evolution of symbolic practices and especially the articulation between the sacred and the secular as well as the interaction with the government; to evaluate the impact of the communicating of faith in the dynamic of social intervention.

The conference is open to scholars regardless of their discipline as well as to specialists on sharing of faith.